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Upcycling Mixed Food Waste

Applying food wastes to agricultural soils is a great way to re-purpose inedible foods scraps from our tables typically find their way to landfills. These materials become decomposing organic matter and contain both nutrients and carbon – which is why they are referred to as “amendments”, rather than “fertilizers”. Organic matter-rich soil amendments are added to soil, in order to provide nutrients for plant growth, but also to add carbon to soils which helps build organic matter. Building soil organic matter is important for soil health. As consumers and farmers are becoming more interested in environmentally sound farming practices, the use of organic-rich soil amendments is increasing. 

NETZRO licenses its platform to food processors for the purpose of creating high valued soil amendments that have food waste that is unable to be upcycled into food ingredients.


NETZRO is a woman-owned Specific Benefit Corporation based in Minnesota