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NETZRO is currently looking for investors that are passionate about the environment, want to reduce food waste and have a positive impact on feeding the world.

Our unique value proposition is in the technology and integrated solutions we provide, and how they are applied to various food by-products that would otherwise be land applied or landfilled and wasted. The value is in taking the problem the food manufacturers have with food by-product waste and eliminating it entirely. This is very difficult because of the enormous volumes and is why food manufacturers typically do not use their by-products in human consumption.  Our revenue is in licensing the technology and selling the upcycled food that is created. 

The concept is very simple. Feed people better food with less resources is what we do. 

NETZRO CEO Sue Marshall is one of the founders and Executive Board Members of the Upcycled Food Association

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NETZRO CEO Sue Marshall featured on the podcast series Too Good To Waste:

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