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Eggshell Collagen

The Incredible Edible Eggshell

When people think of eggs, they likely think scrambled, fried, or poached.  Maybe they think of eggs for their use in baking as binding and leavening agents.  As a baker, I know I think of the latter- or, given my work in a vegan bakery, I think of substitutes like flax eggs.  But what about the part of eggs that we don’t typically think of as a consumable product: eggshells?  I decided to embark on some research into another side of NetZro’s food waste processing to find out more. I’m no scientist, but what I’ve gleaned from research is that the insides of an egg- the parts that humans consume- consist of the white and the yolk, which contain large quantities of protein, fat, and cholesterol.  Eggshells, on the other hand, are comprised of an inner and outer membrane consisting of fibers.  These fibers are composed mainly of proteins- about…
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