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The Food Crisis

In 2018, 14.3 million American households were food insecure. When so many Americans are experiencing hardship getting food, it is hard to believe that 40% of all America's food is wasted. Of that 40%, most of the food is completely fine and edible, or can be upcycled into a new, nutritious food product. Creating food for the world's population through agriculture is one of the earth’s biggest resource funnels, with 58.2 million gallons of water needed every second. Wasted food often ends up in landfills, releasing greenhouse gases and contributing immensely to global warming. Food waste puts pressure on the environment, pressure on our waste management system, and it raises the question: how does America change? Here are some easy ways for all of us to start reducing food waste: Planning meals: When you go to the store to get ingredients for specific meals, you create less food waste because…
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