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Alternative Flour

‘Upcycling’ a fast-growing food industry in Minnesota

 A burgeoning Minnesota industry uses discarded but still nutritious foodstuffs.We are honored to have our story told by Star Tribune reporter Brooks Johnson.Story by BROOKS JOHNSONPhoto illustration by NURI DUCASSI; iStock Star Tribune staffWhat happens to all that malted barley after beer is done brewing, or all those oats after being soaked to make oat milk? They are increasingly ending up back in food.Minnesota’s nascent “upcycled” food industry — which is one part recycling and another part food manufacturing — has gone from nearly non- existent to vibrant in just a few years. The aim of upcycling is to find new uses for otherwise discarded, yet still nutritious, foodstuffs. Repurposed grains are hitting shelves in baking mixes, crackers and even cereal.“It used to be a movement. Now it’s an industry,” said Sue Marshall, founder and CEO of St. Paul-based upcycling company Netzro.The practice of redirecting food waste — which the industry…
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Alternative Flour – made from grains other than wheat

Alternative and wheat-free flours were one of the top food trends of 2016 and it’s easy to see why.  Alternative flours- those made from grains other than wheat as well as non-grain sources such as legumes- tend to be higher in protein, fiber, and other nutrients than traditional wheat flour.  These flours have been garnering attention due to their health benefits and alignment with trendy diets of recent years, so the options available to consumers are always expanding. In the past few years, the alternative flour industry has seen significant growth in bean and lentil flour sales, indicating consumer interest in high-protein plant-based options.  These fall under the category of “pulse flours”- high-protein flours made from dried beans, peas, chickpeas, and/or lentils.  When alternative flours first started to make their way into American grocery stores, grain and nut flours got most of the attention.  As consumers have slowly eliminated ingredients…
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