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About Us

What if the end of the food supply chain is the beginning of a new food revolution?

What if we could feed more people better with fewer resources?

What if the food waste that is generated is recovered with no impact on the environment and reharvested for profit?

In the United States 35% of food production is lost after harvest or wasted in businesses and households. And 15% of that food waste is a result of food manufacturing. NETZRO provides a sustainable integrated food waste solution through its proprietary platform to recover valuable nutrients from food that is wasted or under-utilized into valuable upcycled ingredients.

The vision of NETZRO is to eliminate food waste and expand the food economy without growing more food.

NETZRO is an upcycled ingredient company, creating a new environmental and economic standard for reducing global food waste.  

Over the past five years, NETZRO has built an ecosystem of farmers, producers, distributors, retailers, restaurants, consumers and regulators, pioneering a circular food economy. 

Working with large and small-scale businesses across the country, NETZRO uses proprietary technology to reharvest food byproducts into nutritious, versatile ingredients that are good for the planet, farms, consumers, and animals. NETZRO derives revenue from selling upcycled ingredients to food manufacturers and licenses its platform to large food processors.

NETZRO is a woman-owned Specified Benefit Corporation based in Minnesota