About Us

Imagine if no one faced hunger. What if we could feed everyone with the amount of food we currently produce? What if there was a way to divert unused food back into the food supply chain? What if the food waste that is generated is recovered with no impact on the environment and reharvested for profit? In the United States 30% of food production is lost after harvest or wasted in businesses and households. NETZRO provides a sustainable integrated food waste solution through its proprietary process of reducing, recovering and reharvesting. The vision of NETZRO is to eliminate food waste and expand the food economy without growing more food.

NETZRO will reduce the amount of unused food through its community engagement plan. This plan provides education on food waste and engages people, connects businesses and non-profit organizations as part of the solution. NETZRO recovers unused food from its clients and processes it using a proprietary agri-food technology platform. This platform provides several environmental and industrial benefits, including rapid volume reduction, water recapture, and 100 percent elimination of bacteria while preserving high nutrient value. Reharvesting nutrient rich byproducts post drying will create new opportunities for the use of unused food through the extraction and blending of nutrients to enhance plant, animal and human health. Our future requires sustainable thinking; solving our most challenging societal problems requires a direct link between strong economic models and innovative solutions. We believe that making money does not have to be independent from solving environmental and societal challenges.